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Our beloved Chief Instigator belting out the blues

I'm at heart a folkie as well as a singer-songwriter who loves acoustic blues, and proudly wear the title of Chief Instigator for this motly group.

My main instruments are a bottleneck Dobro and an acoustic guitar as well as harmonica, but I am also Principal Jug and First Kazoo on some tunes. For many years, I immersed himself in finger-style blues and folk standards, but my latest songs have a way of coming out in various ways - jazz, rock, reggae, country, or whatever - the muse tells me what the song needs.

I've been playing guitar since high school. There is something about American roots music, particularly blues, that pulls at me relentlessly. Even though I came from a foreign culture, it immediately resonated in me and has never let go. I have no idea how a German-born, white northern-European of Polish descent got the blues into his system, but it is definitely lodged in solid. Some time ago I stopped worrying about it and just rolled with it. Blues are universal!

Music is where I go when things get hectic and I need a reminder of what's truly important. Playing guitar and singing my songs always sets me on an even keel and reconnects me to my essential state of being. You can call it "soul" if you want. Without music, life would be utterly pointless for me. To paraphrase those notorious hippie sages, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, "Music will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no music!"

You can find out more about my solo work on my website.

I am still single, and looking for a (very!) tolerant woman with a musical soul.

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