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Emerald City Jug Band Pictures - page 1

We have lots of pictures of our manic behaviors and, in order to keep them out of the hands of the tabloids, we've just decided to publish them ourselves!

Please note that in order to keep download times reasonable for our dial-up friends we've kept it to a maximum of three or four pictures per page.

The Emerald City Jug Band, live and rockin' the house!

The three of us, plus emeritus member Paul "LogicMan" Sandoval, onstage at an ArtsWest concert in Seattle (Nov. 2002).

The Emergency Folk Singer plays guitar and sings one of his own tunes.

Jim exhorts the crowd to Eat Organic!

Howlin' Hobbit playing ukulele and belting out some old jazzy blues

Howlin' Hobbit assures you that nobody knows you when you're down and out. Note in the background you can see our special guest star, Thaddeus Spae, about to cut loose on the 'bone!

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