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Howlin' Hobbit

Howlin' Hobbit, scrubbing out the rhythm

Howlin' Hobbit has been playing music and singing since grade school, sometime in the Stone Ages (and he has the cuneiform report tablets to prove it).

Hobbit plays a variety of instruments, his main axes being ukulele, harmonica, and washboard. He is also no slouch on guitar or drum kit.

Besides his solo efforts over the years Hobbit has been in a number of bands, duos and trios, both acoustic and electric. Besides the Emerald City Jug Band, much of his musical energy is devoted to Snake Suspenderz, an eclectic bunch of twangers and puffers if ever there was one. He says his favorite ones before that were an electric rock band called the PropellorHeads, formed of fellow high-tech industry folks, and Peanut Envy, an acoustic blues band that was an offshoot of the PropellorHeads and featured most the same personnel.

For many years Hobbit has been a busker at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, playing mainly blues on guitar and harmonica. In the summer of 2001 he played washboard with Patsy Fuller, a guitar and banjo player from the U.K., and was featured in that capacity (as well as vocals and harmonica) on her CD 'Twixt Pike & Pine.

Hobbit brings a dry and sometimes biting wit to the line-up as well as driving jazz-drum rhythms on the washboard. To him, it's just a portable drum kit, and he plays it as such.

Constantly curious, Hobbit spends a lot of time pondering such deep questions as, "If it's tourist season, why can't we hunt them?"

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