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Emerald City Jug Band History and Biographies

Admit it - you're curious about how we got started abusing perfectly good American music. Well, you've come to the right place! You can read about the history of the band or you can jump off to brief bios of:

Howlin' Hobbit
Jim "The Emergency Folksinger" Nason

The Roots Of Our Roots Band

Legend has it that we formed in response to popular demand for a jug band in Seattle. As legends go that's a great one and we often encourage it, but no... In 2001, Stan dubbed jug and wasboard into some old demo tunes, submitted an application to a local music festival, and lo and behold - was accepted! Oops! Now what? Nuthin' to do but form a band to do the gig, right? Stan told his cohorts at the weekly Victory Music song circle about his predicament, and Jim, (emeritus guitarist) Paul Sandoval and (emeritus juggist) Larry Baumgartner readily said, almost in unison (verbatim quote), "Sure, we'll be in a jug band! What's a jug band?"

Since then, we've played to great response all over the state of Washington. And the state of confusion as well, due to our habit of having at least three different Fourth Men to choose from if a bigger band is called for. You can check out just where we've played on this page (click "Band Bios" to return here).

In times like these, the world needs more performers like the Emerald City Jug Band. This group of talented musical hooligans make Seattle a better place to live!

-- Alan Camhi, Victory Music Review

Since all of us play at least two instruments, it can seem like there's more than four of us on stage even without special guests. Nevertheless, at various times we've added a guy who plays fiddle and banjo, a guy who plays trombone and mandolin, another mandolin player (lots prettier than the first one, but she doesn't play the trombone) and, oh yeah, we've run swiftly through several washboardists before settling on Hobbit.

Washboardists are in great demand since they not only supply that driving backbeat but also serve to keep the stage costumes springtime fresh.

But why just read about it when you can book us for your own event?

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